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Why Sex Is Ridiculously Healthy

You know sex feels good and does wonders for your mood.

But did you know that it benefits your health (his too!) in a number of not-so-obvious ways? The reason, according to scientists, is that during lovemaking, our bodies produce a cascade of hormones (and other biological changes) that can ease pain, lower cancer risk, boost immunity, and even offset menopausal symptoms. Taking care of your health has never been so much fun.

Quantifying Sexual Market Value



There is a general consensus in the manosphere that young women in their early 20s hold all the power in the sexual marketplace, but that this changes as women start to age and men enter their peak in their 30s. This is easily observable by simply taking a look at the sexual and romantic dynamics around you. This observation also has significant acceptance in popular culture, as the well known quote above suggests. Nevertheless, it continues to recieve pushback in the media, especially from feminists and aging “independent” women who spent their 20sliving rather irresponsibly.

I decided to quantify the average male’s and average female’s sexual market value (SMV) with age. My metric is simply the probability that the person will be getting laid at least twice a week. The amount of sex a person is able to have should be directly related to SMV. I used survey data from the National Survey of Sexual Helath and Behavior.